What are the advantages of buying a new home vs. a used home?
What are the benefits of buying a Mapleton home?

After Purchase
May I buy extras or upgrades after I have signed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale?
How do I keep track of my upgrade costs?
When do I pay for any upgrade costs I may have incurred throughout construction?
May I enter my home when it is under construction?
How do I arrange a pre-scheduled visit?
I have noticed that the exterior taps and waterline to fridge have not been installed yet.

Prior to Possession
When do we need to contact utility companies so we can transfer everything to our name?
Upon completion of the house, do I get to see it before closing and prior to move in?
When will I receive my house keys?

After Possession
Does Mapleton have an "After-Sales Service Plan"?
Is there anything else I need to worry about after closing?

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Whether you build or buy new, you can rest assured that your home is backed with the best warranty in the industry, as well as the latest and best in construction techniques and material, including many energy-efficient features that can save you money on your monthly utility costs. When you build, you get to customize and tailor your home to suit your needs and desires. It is also an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience to see your home constructed from the ground up. Today’s new homes also reflect and accommodate the lifestyles of today’s generations, featuring generous storage space, open-concept floor plans, more bedrooms and bathrooms, and larger kitchens. Often, newly-built neighbourhoods also have newer amenities such as schools, parks, and recreational facilities.

When you walk into a Mapleton home, you can see and feel the difference. From the early stages and foundation through to the finishing details, a sincere amount of care and consideration is embedded each home, resulting in the finest quality homes on the market. Owner and company President, Albert Scarpelli, takes a hands-on approach to construction, handpicking each tradesman and carefully selecting the highest quality products for use in each Mapleton home. Albert fosters a close relationship with each and every homeowner, and we offer a stress-free building and buying process. Every Mapleton home is backed by the best warranty in the industry, and these qualities, amongst many others, are what we refer to as The Mapleton Difference. They set us apart from other builders not just in London, but across Southern Ontario.

Yes, you can buy extras or upgrades up to and during the period of colour and finishing selections. However, keep in mind that any request can be declined if the construction of your home is too far advanced. All requests for ANY CHANGES to the original contract must be in writing, via e-mail or fax, or through a Mapleton Homes sales representative.

During the construction process of your new home, you may have ordered extras through our suppliers or your Mapleton Homes representative. If so, please keep track of these amounts, as Mapleton Homes will not be able to forward you a final copy of your total upgrade list until approximately four weeks prior to your closing date.

For warranty purposes or any on-site preparations, all extras must be paid directly to Mapleton Homes. Approximately four weeks prior to closing, we will forward a copy of the total upgrade list to you as well as to your lawyer. This amount is to be paid through your lawyer on closing.

While under construction, only pre-scheduled visits will be allowed. For safety and insurance reasons, under no circumstances may a new homeowner enter a site under construction unless it is a scheduled visit. Surrounding debris and hidden planks with nails are just a few of the unsafe conditions and hazards found on a construction site. For your safety, we advise you not to enter your home until it is at the finishing stage or nearly complete.

A Mapleton Homes representative will contact you when the framing of your new home is complete to walk you through the site. This is a great time to see the Mapleton quality of your home and ask any questions you may have.

Exterior taps and the waterline are installed closer to the closing date.

Two weeks before closing you need to contact London Hydro, Union Gas, etc. to change the accounts into your name. Also, contact Canada Post to let them know about your change of address and they will let you know where to pick up your new mailbox key.

Approximately 1 week prior to your closing date, a Mapleton Homes representative will guide you through your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). This exciting and informative meeting will take place Monday through Friday during day-time business hours. The general rule of thumb is that the PDI should take up to one hour for every 1,000 sq. ft. of your new home. At this time, you will also have the opportunity to walk through your new home to make sure it is Mapleton-ready, as well as become familiar with all the details of your new home and learn valuable care and maintenance information.

Mapleton Homes has the keys delivered to our lawyer along with any paper work so that the transfer between lawyers & to the customer can go as smooth as possible. Please make arrangements with your lawyer for releasing the keys.

Mapleton Homes carefully selects premium products for use in our homes and our team consists of the best professionals in their trades, providing our homeowners with the assurance that your home is built to the highest standards in quality and design. Mapleton is recognized for having one of the best service plans in our industry, and every Mapleton Home includes a warranty with service requests at three different periods after possession: 30-day, 1-year, and 2-year. We are also registered with the Tarion Warranty Corporation, and are proud to have been recognized for Outstanding Customer Service, as selected by our homeowners.

Not Mapleton-related, but you will need to find a time to have all of your friends and family over to show off your new Mapleton Home! Thank you for choosing Mapleton.